EasyRGB-PC 1.53

You can match your computer generated RGB values to EasyRGB color cards
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You can match your computer generated RGB values to EasyRGB color cards, paint lines, inks, fandecks and more. From RGB data get commercial tints equivalences.
The typical use is to identify the closest commercial tints for your CAD software or graphic package generated colors.
You can simulate color harmonies and schemes best complementing your RGB data.
It's a feature designed, for example, to select color combinations to paint houses (walls, trims etc) or to build good color schemes for a Web site. Once a nice complement is found, it can be easily matched to commercial color families.
You can locate specific colors in EasyRGB commercial color cards or collections and get their RGB values. Usually commercial colors (paint, inks etc.) are identified by code and/or name (for example: code 5023, name PINK SHADOW).
Colors can be conveniently searched inserting the complete code or name, or just a part of it.
You can convert color data to different color spaces and standards. It's a powerful tool to manipulate color information and obtain RGB and CMY/CMYK values for everyday computer tasks. Each time new data is entered, the resulting color is immediately displayed.
The integrated color calibration wizard will guide you through 4 easy monitor calibration steps.
Monitor calibration is crucial to obtain consistent on-screen colors. It is also the only way to visually communicate colors between different computer systems (different locations, O.S., video cards, monitors etc.).
Even if not calibrated, all displayed colors are compatible with the standard-RGB specification and well adapt to modern CRT monitors.
Color data and RGB values can be easily transferred across the different functions or saved to a file.

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